A comprehensive set of services which contributes to the development of the undertaking

Piraeus Factoring offers a set of five services to the undertaking with which it cooperates, to ensure immediate liquidity, whether it operates on the domestic market or internationally. These services are:

Financing of the Accounts Receivables

This solution provides direct  liquidity to the Supplier, as the accounts receivables assigned to Piraeus Factoring are financed at the pre-agreed discount rate.

Management of the Accounts Receivables

Piraeus Factoring, through specialized personnel, offers the following:
  • Monitors the A/Rs through a specialized ERP system  
  • Less personnel is needed (in the seller’s accounting department) as the seller receives regularly notification of the status of the accounts receivables and the performance of his buyers. 
  • Less administration fees for the Seller as his buyers’ portfolio is managed by the factor (outsourcing philosophy) 

Collection of the Accounts Receivables

Piraeus Factoring offers an efficient way to collect your account receivables as it offers very strict collection processes and legal support if needed.

Assumption of the Credit Risk

Following the assessment of the buyer’s creditworthiness, Piraeus Factoring may provide the Supplier with credit risk coverage against the buyer's financial insolvency

Assessment of Buyer’s credit worthiness

The Factoring company, through its direct cooperation with the most reputable credit institutions, provides information on the creditworthiness of active or potential buyers, thus helping the Supplier to establish a sound trading portfolio.