The strategic choice of Factoring offers   guaranteed benefits and superiority

The mission of Piraeus Factoring is to provide, through a wide range of factoring products, effective solutions to companies activated both domestically and internationally. The choice of Piraeus Factoring adds a series of comparative advantages to every undertaking, since it collaborates with a company which:

  • Is a full member of the F.C.I. organization (Factors Chain International), using its integrated services to fulfil the needs of companies that have an international orientation
  • Is  a founding member of the Hellenic Factors Association, being at the forefront of the sector's development and its services
  • Has a portfolio diversity throughout all business sectors, in order to consistently serve its customer-oriented philosophy

Milestones in the history of Piraeus Factoring




Becomes a full member of the F.C.I. organization  (Factors Chain International).


Merges the portfolio of five factors that were acquired by Piraeus Bank in 2012 and 2013 and achieves growth in its turnover.


Merges the Factoring portfolio of the Agricultural Bank of Greece.


Awarded by F.C.I. as the export factor with the greatest improvement in the quality of its services.


Upgrades the MIS platform and creates the "Hot File" database in relation to Risk Management and Fraud Detection.


Piraeus Factoring becomes a founding member of the Hellenic Factors Association and is being represented in its board of directors.


Multifactoring is acquired at 100% by Piraeus Bank and is renamed into Piraeus Factoring S.A.


Multifactoring also offers services to companies  in Northern Greece from its branch office in Thessaloniki.


Multifactoring becomes a full member of the F.C.I. international organization.


Incorporation of Multifactoring S.A.